Our Secrets

We have painstakingly researched and reproduced original recipes for biryanis, kormas, bhunas and several other Hyderabadi delicacies that are now used mostly for special occasions, as they are too cumbersome for daily cooking at home.The secret to our authentic taste are our key recipes which have been verbally handed down over generations and are known only to a few.Here is a closer look into some of our specialties.





The essential kacchi gosht biryani. This is a robust, aromatic, full-bodied biryani with juicy pieces of mutton. This was the original favourite of the nizams. They say the only biryani the nizams considered a biryani was the mutton biryani.



This is a unique variant of the original created by our chefs. Split gram lentils and a special masala add a delightful dimension to the biryani. Try it to believe it.



With all the aroma and character of our mutton biryani, this variant is a chicken lovers’ delight with two juicy leg pieces*.



This vegetarian avatar of our biryani is no push over – you wouldn’t believe veggies and rice could together kick up such a tango, with saffron adding a delightful twist!



This is a chicken and egg biryani with subtle spices and lots of delicate aroma. If you like your biryanis mild, go for this one.

All our biryanis are served with salan (a rich Hyderabadi gravy with nuts and aromatic spices) and/or churri (a light, tangy raita with crunchy bits of onions).

*Supply of leg pieces may be limited during certain seasons/festivals when equally succulent choicest cuts of chicken are used.


The bhuna is a typically Hyderabadi dish. Making bhuna is an art as it requires patience and very close attention. The masalas must be perfectly balanced and all of it should come in brief contact with a very hot cooking surface giving the spices a delicious roasted flavour. If the chef lets his attention wander for a few seconds, the dish could be spoiled.
Tip: the bhunas rolled in our exceptionally soft rumali rotis make an excellent snack.


Our kormas are different. Unlike the common open pan method of cooking the korma in the North, we cook our kormas in the dumpukht style making them exceptionally juicy with meat falling off the bones. The dum method sinks in delicate flavours of exotic spices into the meat.
Tip1: discard the cutlery; the fun is in licking the gravy off your fingers!
Tip2: try them with the exceptionally soft rumali rotis on our menu.


This rice kheer is creamy with consistency of a rich mousse and contains green cardamom, saffron and lots of nuts. Perfect finish for a princely meal.


So you thought one could not improve the quintessential Delhi dal makhani. Well, our chefs had some fun with it and gave it a little nizami twist. The result is a smooth black dal with a punch that you will get addicted to in a hurry!

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